I weep for mother, and I watch as she weeps for her children

I see her pain, I see her tears, but I cannot hear her cries  

She calls out but we don’t answer

She looks at us but we look past her

She embraces us but we turn our backs. Oh mother, don’t abandon us

Bare with us a little longer

For we are your children, and you are our mother


My Companion My Friend



My ace, the flyest one. Outgoing, brave, humble, and kind. Always around when needed and never a question of why. I call you the left hand because when the left is weak, you’re there to make sure it stays as strong as the right.

Honest, loyal, an all around go getter. The pick me up when I’m feeling down, the good conscious when I don’t make the best decisions. Heart so big and strong cupid couldn’t shoot it.

The MVM, the crime fighting duo, the irreplaceable, the immaculate, that which can never be imitated and duplicated. I call you my friend, I call you my  companion.

Sleeping To Wake Up


I’m dreaming when I’m awake and awake when I’m dreaming. What you perceive as being woke may really be a big nightmare. When we sleep we’re at peace and when we open our eyes we become angry, saddened by this world we call reality.

 Desires are fulfilled and nothing is out of our grasp. Our minds know no limit, thoughts are manifested. We are at the pique of happiness, everything is at ease, all seems perfect, then night terror comes. Happening all too fast.

Happy faces turn into sorrow, laughter becomes cries, joy is now pain. Illuminated skies are now shrouded in dark clouds. All things that brought peace have gone, all is silent. And now, your eyes are open

The World Sees “You”



My reflection is clear, blurry at the same time. Your eyes are mirrors and mirrors never tell the truth, they only reflect what you want to see. In a way that makes us all blind.

You see red I see scarlet, you say loud I say expressive, you call it timid I call it conservative. I tell you open your eyes wider, you only shut them tighter.

So tell me what do you see? How do you claim to see things clearly when you can only see whats in front of you.



Love is in the air

love-is-in-the-air-600x411Thoughts on this love matter you speak of? It’s all over, in the air so to speak. Love is a subjective thing though, so what is it really? What does it really mean to experience love?

Well love is the warmth and excitement you get from seeing a special person. The tingle in your feet, the racing heart in your chest, the lump in your throat, the hair rising up on your skin. Sweaty palms, birds flying around in your stomach, words seemingly escape your mouth, then all train of thought goes blank.

The feeling you get from that person, like you’re on another far-plane and there’s no such thing as bad days. That is the feeling of love.