Sucked Back In



I started watching TV again and I don’t regret it one bit. Its been 4 years since I decided to cut cable television and haven’t looked back, until I had the opportunity to have it once again. Things like reality shows don’t interest me but that’s most of what will be shown when tuning in these days, unless you’re like me and like to watch cartoons as well. It must’ve only been a week in which I learned about a cartoon calledĀ Steven UniverseĀ and proceeded to binge watch all 3 of the current seasons in that week.

Initially I was skeptical because it had been years since I watched a good cartoon but five episodes in were enough to keep me in front of the TV. I’ll admit that the charming characters, compelling story, and progressive themes were more entertaining than any reality show I’ve ever seen. After finishing the series I actually think I’ll be going back to watching regular TV. I’ve said in the past that TV too much TV was bad for any any person; but I found it enjoyable and it passes the time so with being said I’m open to suggestions of good shows to watch.