Good Teacher “Bad” Teacher


Because we’ve all had that one teacher who makes it known they want you to fail, but also a good teacher who wants you to succeed . I could count on one hand the number of teachers I’ve had who didn’t care about putting in a great amount of effort towards helping their students learn, and guaranteed I’d be using all fingers with thumb included to count. As awful as that sounds I’ve had a lot of teachers who’ve enjoyed seeing their students excel.

In my opinion, what makes a good teacher is the ability to connect with your students. If your students feel that you truly want to help them learn then you’ve pretty much ensured they’ll be successful. On the other side the “bad” teacher prefers to treat their job as nothing more than just a job, and not a chance at helping people earn an education. I feel those people shouldn’t be instructing anyone if they can’t tolerate everything that comes along with being a teacher, it should be a fun process for the student and instructor. Of course, like any job it’ll have its ups and downs but those aspects should make your job all the more fun.

In short, if I’m planning to learn a new skill from someone, I want the person who’s teaching me to be just as excited as I am about learning.


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