Staying Informed


With all the worldly changes that’s been happening such as the recent presidential election and other issues surrounding our society, I thought it’d be best to start reading up more on what’s going on in society and how I can  stay informed with the latest news. As such, I’ve took to reading online articles of popular topics and news sites that can guide me in the direction on current affairs.

Now, you can ask anyone who knows me well and they’ll tell you I’ve never been much for political conversation and I stand neutral on most subjects but I feel like politics comes up more than often in conversation, especially with strangers and it’s interesting to hear their views on different topics and reasons behind why they stand behind their beliefs. So why is it important for anyone to be concerned with issues around the world and how does it help to stay informed?

Well honestly speaking the average person who lives in one country will probably not care about whats happening in the next because they feel it doesn’t affect them. People living within the same country feel that way as well, with a lot of them being youth. But I feel it’s normal for young people to not have an interest for anything news related because to a lot of them, and even some adults, it’s just boring useless information. Because of that reason, I’ve went ahead and compiled some benefits of staying informed with the latest news.


  • You’ll know about what issues are currently taking place and how they directly affect you
  • You can plan and prepare for how to counter act issues that may hinder your everyday life
  • It helps you gain understanding on how you can combat the issues in your living area
  • It’ll expand your vocabulary for when you speak on politics and current events
  • It can broaden your outlook on life itself
  • It’ll encourage others around you to start reading up on current events themselves
  • It’s free knowledge, you should always take advantage of learning new and important things for free

With the reasons above I hope that may spark some interest in some people to start reading up on the news. If there’s anyone who’s curious about where or how they can start, the answer is right in your hand, or pocket. Anyone with access to a phone can start reading right away. From Google to Facebook, and even news apps you’ll always have a way to stay informed. And politics aren’t the only topic you have to focus on, find a topic that interest start reading up now!


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