Getting Back In The Groove


I’ll start by saying it’s REALLY annoying when your tablet with all your rough drafts for your writing breaks down and you have no way to retrieve any of it. I’ve been out of commission for weeks now with no electronics to access my writing but I’m finally able to get back on and start typing away. I’m sure there’s others who have come across this problem at least once so I thought I’d share a few ways to keep the writing spirit strong and fresh even without a computer to write to.

The Notebook:



Which is probably the oldest way of keeping track of your thoughts and ideas. I usually have a separate notebook that I write ideas for topics in and another that I write to just for keeping a log of life experiences. It’s nice to have both on hand at all times though because I never know when a good idea will pop into my head and I can always refer to it later when I’m able to make it to a laptop.


Multi Device Keyboard:


Yes I know, this isn’t ideal for a lot of people but it IS an option and it’s compatible with both android, apple, and pc devices. If you can find one for a good price ($30?) then it’d make for a good investment. Nobody likes typing on a tiny screen but some might find it easier and quicker than handwriting for long periods of time, especially if you have much to say like myself. If you don’t own a notebook and typing is your preferred method then go ahead and grab one of these!


The Library:


The old reliable library, no seriously this place is truly a life saver. For a lot of libraries you’ll need a card but some places are just free to walk into and walk out, or if you’re a student you most likely have access to a library on campus. My method is to type something up on Microsoft Word, email it to myself, then continue working on it once I’m able to do so from home, and speaking of email…




Another method that’s not all too ideal but it’s better than nothing! Open up your email, write a few ideas down for later, and save it as a draft. I’ve only done this once but it helped the one time I needed it and I know it’s something I can use in a pinch.


There’s lots of other ways I’m sure but these were the ones I felt were easiest to use. Of course if anyone has any other methods to use I’m all open for trying those too but I hope these can be of some use to all my fellow writers out there and even if you aren’t a writer you may still find these tips helpful. I hope everyone’s week has been great and that you enjoy your holiday weekend!



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