My Companion My Friend



My ace, the flyest one. Outgoing, brave, humble, and kind. Always around when needed and never a question of why. I call you the left hand because when the left is weak, you’re there to make sure it stays as strong as the right.

Honest, loyal, an all around go getter. The pick me up when I’m feeling down, the good conscious when I don’t make the best decisions. Heart so big and strong cupid couldn’t shoot it.

The MVM, the crime fighting duo, the irreplaceable, the immaculate, that which can never be imitated and duplicated. I call you my friend, I call you my  companion.


Getting A Feeling So Complicated


Ever been overcome with an emotion so great that you cant quite put into words how exactly you’re feeling? Happens to all of us from time to time but most recently to me. I was asked a question of “would you like to talk about your feelings?” ¬†I took a second to think about the emotions I were currently feeling and in the end, found myself unable to respond because there was no one way I could express how I felt. The question becomes harder when asked by an significant other because no one word or sentence can be used to described how you feel

Of course it doesn’t have to be related to just a loved one; you may feel strongly about food, a certain activity, your favorite TV show, and your favorite game. That’s what our journals and blogs exist for right? I could tell my journal that my girlfriend and I are like peas and carrots; we just go hand in hand, we’re a perfect match. When she looks at me my heart starts pumping and I find myself stumbling over my words. I’m always being asked to repeat myself because I get so caught up admiring her beauty instead of thinking of what I’m trying to say next.

I could go on and on about the many things I feel but there’s just no one way to say it. The sensation is so great that it’d complicate things if I were to try and explain. I believe one of the best ways to express the way you feel about certain things are to write it all down with no holding back, and share your thoughts with others who may feel the same as you. Although , words aren’t the only way to get your thoughts and feelings across.