Do What You Want!


With a lot of big changes that’s been happening as of recent, I felt it was time to reflect on how often people follow their dreams vs following other’s dreams. I hear a lot from many individuals who are young and old that their goals and aspirations are/were often dictated by the people around them, parents and friends being at the source. Of course, your parents will encourage you to go to a great college, become a doctor or lawyer, and make a lot of money! Your friends will want the best for you but even their words and advice can steer you off track.

But what if you don’t want to be a doctor or lawyer? How do you plan a future for yourself when the people around you already have one planned out for you? The simple answer is to just follow your own dreams. If you know what you want out of life and know what’s best then don’t listen to those around you who tell you otherwise. Ignore the backlash and naysayers, shoot for the things you want out of life and do it with no regrets. Prove to those who doubt you that you can be successful and do it with amazing results.

Take your life into your own hands and make history. Be the person that your friends and family will tell stories about, soar high so when you look back you can say to yourself “I did that”, but most of all never doubt yourself. Stay motivated and confident, create a clear path and don’t follow in footsteps that lead to dead ends.