Happiness Doesn’t Have A Price


Scrolling through Tumblr I came across a series of pictures which illustrated how obsessed our world has become with social media and money. This one stood out the most because it’s depiction of the average working citizen is spot on!

We work our bodies to the bone for a job we can’t advance in or are unhappy with, trying to earn more money so that we may be just a little comfortable down the line. But too many times does the pursuit of money leave you empty and worn out, with nothing to show for at the end other than the money you earned and more of an empty feeling you had before.

The reason I blog is to share ideas and spread informative words to people everywhere, not to earn a quick buck. If money is your motive I encourage you to think about your happiness and ask yourself if what you’re doing to earn your money will bring you happiness in the end, it’s not something that can be purchased off the shelf.


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