That’s A Nice Shirt You’re Wearing


“Hey that’s a nice shirt, it’s really fitting”, are words that are music to my ears when I’m wearing a new shirt that I feel expresses my personality. For many people, clothes are a way to express your feelings without having to say it. Much like tattoos, hairstyles, trinkets we all carry around, and the shoes we wear.

With only some limitations, society allows us the luxury to walk around freely wearing the attire that makes us feel most comfortable. Of course, not every person is going to enjoy your outer wear as much as you do. Unfortunately we live in a world where you are expected to dress a certain way based on occupation, opinions of others, and even racial background.

I find it best to just throw on your best rags and not let the presumptions of others dictate how you want to present yourself to the public. I, for example fancy scarves as scarves not only keep me warm but remind me of capes that super heroes wear. Super heroes are people who are not only physically but mentally strong, have morals, compassion, and have others who look up to them when feeling down. So for those reasons I’m happy to sport my cape!








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