A Do Right Man

Front cover of “A Do Right Man” By author Omar Tyree

Anyone who’s had the chance to meet me knows I’m a huge reader and I own quite a few books of different genre. Among my pile of books lies my favorite novel by Omar Tyree, “A Do Right Man” . Omar has written quite a few books which I’ve read and own some of, but this gem stands out from the rest. I can say it played part in encouraging me to start my writing career.

I first read this book around 6 years ago and haven’t been able to find another like it that has the level of story telling it has. The author has been praised for being able to deliver a compelling story and certainly delivers with this. A big reason why I consider it a favorite of mine is that I can relate to the main character of the book, Bobby Dallas and a lot of the situations he experience are similar to the ones I’ve been in such as career making decisions or putting the happiness of others before your own.

While this isn’t a review of the book and me merely sharing why it’s my favorite, I do suggest that anyone looking for a good read in their free time check this out and although anyone can pick it up , I especially encourage men to read this. It’s not often I go into a book store and can pick out a book that tells of a boy growing into his manhood.





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