What’s This?



With Christmas only 3 days away I started to think about how fast the month has gone by.  Just a few weeks ago Thanksgiving was the big rave and now the holidays are here with New Years around the corner. You’d think I’d be excited but oddly enough I’m not as hype.

You could blame it on age but over the years I felt as though people aren’t so “in the spirit” as they were back in the old days. Growing up in the 90’s the adults always looked forward to December and some more so than the kids. Parents were happy to go out and buy trees or set up Christmas decorations around the house, but now it’s rare for them to even say ” happy holidays” to a neighbor.

We all have our own opinion of what we think Christmas really means and we have our own way of celebrating it, but the spark that appears in everyone’s eyes around this time of the year is gone. For me Christmas is a time to come together as a family and look back on all the positive, as well as negative things that has happened throughout the year.

It’s a time taken to appreciate one another and to be humble for all of your blessings. You have the chance to take all of those negatives and throw them into thrash as you go forth into the new year. It’s also an excuse to eat cookies and drink eggnog (for those who do). Most of all, it’s a time of joy.

With 3 days to go I feel like we should all take a moment to reflect on what this year has brought us and why we each celebrate Christmas. If you don’t celebrate then it’s still good to think about your year and what plans you have for the new year. I wish you all a happy holidays and a happy new year as well!


5 thoughts on “What’s This?

    1. I gladly accept Clarissa, one of my biggest joys is knowing my readers appreciate my writing and in turn I nominated you for you immersive writing and finding just the right pictures to express you poems. Thanks again!

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