You’re Too Late!

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Quickly quickly,no time to look back and not a second to lose! Hurry along as fast as you can and keep both eyes ahead. Say goodbye to relics of the past and hello to new things of the future. Waste no moment with thoughts of should’ve, maybe, if only.

The clock is ticking, every instance becomes the future and the present turns to past. Later? No it’s now and now is has flown behind you. Run with all your might but it’s not fast enough. Don’t look back, looking back only slows you down.

No sense in looking at the clock, times almost up. Slow your pace, take a deep breath, let your thoughts gather and your heart come to a stop. Look around, look behind you, now ahead of you. You were so busy trying to get ahead that you forgot to take your time, now there’s no going back.


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