Sleeping To Wake Up


I’m dreaming when I’m awake and awake when I’m dreaming. What you perceive as being woke may really be a big nightmare. When we sleep we’re at peace and when we open our eyes we become angry, saddened by this world we call reality.

 Desires are fulfilled and nothing is out of our grasp. Our minds know no limit, thoughts are manifested. We are at the pique of happiness, everything is at ease, all seems perfect, then night terror comes. Happening all too fast.

Happy faces turn into sorrow, laughter becomes cries, joy is now pain. Illuminated skies are now shrouded in dark clouds. All things that brought peace have gone, all is silent. And now, your eyes are open


11 thoughts on “Sleeping To Wake Up

  1. Sometimes reality seems like a dream and other times dreams seem like reality…one thing is certain: we slip back and forth between the two…nicely-written, Walty and great image selection 🙂

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  2. I often tell my students to remember that reality, lives within the borders of our own mind. Great post! and what an adorable painting. It must be you when little 😀

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